Organization FAQs

How can I submit my organization to the directory?

1. Register for an account.
2. Follow the login instructions e-mailed to you.
3. Click “Submit A Listing” in your dashboard.

What happens when I list my organization?

Our directory was designed to get you more potential fosters in the door. We are not taking control of your process rather we are trying to funnel fosters with the right interests to either your e-mail or your existing application process.

How often do I have to update this website?

We designed this tool for minimal upkeep. The only time you should have to update is if you change your contact information or change the type of fosters you are looking for.

What will I owe?

This is a FREE tool. We are a non-profit running off of grants, donations and your gratitude. If you feel compelled to return any favors, check out how you can support our mission.

I’m not from the organization. Can I still post?

Absolutely! A lot of our listings come from volunteers, fosters or friends of the group. We ask that you only share out public information. If an organization has given you contact or any other information privately via e-mail or otherwise, please do not post without their explicit permission. A good example is a foster emergency line which is meant only for existing fosters to have access to.

My organization is listed but it wasn’t us!

You must have a wonderful supporter who helped out. As long as you don’t have any edits, you are welcome to leave it. If you would like to take ownership of the listing, click claim listing on the pages detail page. Contact us if you have additional questions.

My logo or featured image doesn’t fit right.

We have found that facebook ad dimensions work well. If that does not solve the issue, let us know!