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Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter

The shelter covers all of the expenses (e.g., food, medical care, vaccinations.) and provides you with any supplies that you might need (e.g., crates, litter pans) to care for your foster pet. All you have to do is provide a loving temporary home and be willing to bring your foster back to the shelter for special events or for appointments to meet potential adopters.


  • Organization Type

    Rescue Organization

  • Age & Size

    Cat (Over 6 Months) 🐈, Large Dog (Over 6 Months) 🐺, Medium Dog (Over 6 Months) 🐩, Small Dog (Over 6 Months) 🐕

  • Foster Sign Up

  • Foster Availability Needs

    Long-term (14+Days)

  • Orientation Requirements


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